Badlands and Good Friends

One of the wonderful things about being mobile is being able to live near friends all over the country. We’re just beginning to grasp the excitement of this new reality. While visiting the Badlands, our friends, Leslie and Kenny, messaged us saying they were just a few hours away and would love to visit us – with their camper! We quickly arranged for them to have the spot next to us and awaited their arrival.

IMG_1185 (1)

After a fun night of catching up, we set off for the Badlands.

Just some of the natural beauty in the Badlands.

IMG_1208And then, Leslie and Kenny had a HUGE surprise planned for us…a helicopter tour of the Badlands. The views were amazing!

IMG_1210Being the fun-loving couple they are, the adventure didn’t end there. Just beyond the Badlands Park is the Prairie Homestead. Built in 1909, the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Brown is one of the only surviving sod homes of the era. The sod house and out-buildings have been restored and set up to give the you feel of actually being back in time. You can touch everything on the grounds and get a real feel for what life here might have been like for the early homesteaders. And best of all, they supply period clothing for visitors to dress up in! Armed with cameras, we set off to go back in time.
IMG_0877IMG_0938prairie homestead collageAfter lunch, we decided to head over to a small town called Scenic. While there are a few occupied houses, and a corner store, the town has numerous abandoned buildings.

IMG_2173 (1)IMG_1080

The town of Scenic did indeed have the feel of a ghost town. Many of the buildings had been updated with electricity and used well into the latter half of the 20th century, but had long since been boarded up. Without any historical signs or information, it was unclear how much of the old town was original vs. newer construction, made to appear older. IMG_1070IMG_1077One of the most fascinating things we saw was this open-air jail, with two cells to hold offenders. After getting a close look at the heavy door latches, it was plain to see why they call it the slammer. The town has a colorful history documented here if you’re interested in reading more about it.

After a full day of sightseeing, we headed back to camp to sit around the campfire, sharing memories and lots of laughs.IMG_1194 (1)Yup, those are weenies on a rake. Told you they were a fun couple!

Tomorrow: Rapid City, SD.

5 thoughts on “Badlands and Good Friends

  1. You all are looking mighty fine in your turn of the century outfits. This was too much fun. I so wanted to go up in one of those helicopters but decided to hold out for ‘next time’. And sharing the fun with friends, makes it all the more merrier!


  2. You had me at period clothing…then you throw abandoned stuff on top and I’m there! Adding this to my list of places to visit. Thanks!


    1. It really was a riot! We could have spent many more hours creating cool scenes, and the staff were fun too. They’re the ones that encouraged us to dress up in the first place – suggested which outfits might fit best, etc. The biggest challenge we had was remembering to take off our glasses, wrist-watches and any other modern pieces. Fun!


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