Torque is Cheap

So while we’re here in Bozeman, MT waiting for our Jeep Wrangler to be fixed (it should only be another day or two…fingers crossed), we’re taking care of some basic fixes, mods and maintenance issues.

About a month ago, before we were officially on the road, we had a tire replaced; long story short, we don’t recommend running over curbs, however gently. As we were leaving the tire center, the tech said we should check the torque on the lug nuts soon. Okay, he didn’t actually say “soon”. He gave some perfectly sensible number of driving miles that I just filed away as “soon”. At any rate Karen, being right on top of these things, has been wanting to get the torque checked.

When we met our friends, Sally and Roy, Karen asked if she could borrow their torque wrench. As it turned out, the wrench Roy had wouldn’t accommodate the feet/pound our rig requires. I think Karen and I both assumed they didn’t make consumer level torque wrenches that went up to the poundage we needed and that we’d have to have this checked at a shop. 

Our “campsite” for the past week at the Hilton Garden Inn – Bozeman, MT

So as soon as we checked out of our hotel (read more about that here), we headed down to the Bozeman Ford dealership to see if they could adjust the torque for us. Although we didn’t have an appointment, they got to us in about 15 minutes. The service rep, Corey, and service tech, Sam, came out to our rig. Before we even got to the torque issue, we asked them to help us troubleshoot a problem we were having with one of our lights, which they did. Then we got to the torque. The first step was getting the lug nut covers off. After watching Sam plug away getting the first few of 40 covers off, Karen and I offered to help. The Robogrips made short work of this. 



Then Sam started working on setting the torque, with no small amount of effort. We commented that it may take more muscle than either of us had. Sam laid our fears to rest – offering each of us the chance to try out the wrench so that we could see it was do-able.

Karen shows she has what it takes

Once he got the lug nut covers back on, Sam checked our tire pressure. When he was finished he wished us safe travels, and we went inside to settle our bill. To our surprise, we were told there was no charge – this after they spent more than 45 minutes helping us out. We were really beside ourselves with gratitude for their kindness.

We’re still doing research on torque and figuring out whether we want to invest in a wrench, and which would work best for us. Like a lot of things in our new home, there’s a lot of math involved – but today was a great reminder about two things: 

  1. There are an incredible number of kind people everywhere you go. And,
  2. Learning all these new systems is invigorating, fun and confidence-inspiring.

5 thoughts on “Torque is Cheap

  1. Love the title! You two are so capable – short of actually changing the tire, you can do anything. Torgueing included!

    Gotta be a dance
    move (and a song) for that… hmmm.


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