Welcome to the First Day of the Rest of Your Life!

Hitting the Road
Hitting the Road

Yesterday, we woke up in the driveway of our (very) soon to be former home for the last time. It hit me about 2 hours down the road that we had really entered a new chapter of our lives – and that going forward daily life would be very different than everything that we’ve encountered previously. We made the decision early on in the process to only keep what would fit into the motorhome – no storage lockers; no furniture or boxes of keepsakes stashed in friends’ garages. Paring down our mementos, gear and gadgets was alternately exhilarating and emotionally exhausting. One moment it seemed like the most freeing decision we’d ever made, and the next I’d find myself crying at the thought of parting with a childhood keepsake that had been packed away in a box – a box that has followed me from our home in Vermont, to Alaska, finally spending the last 5 years on a shelf in our garage in Oregon – unopened.  When every earthly thing you own is behind you in a motorhome, I gotta say, it’s a wild moment!

With our space physically limited, and our home on the move, we’re working on gathering more experiences and fewer things. I suppose we could have made that mental shift when we had a 2300 square foot home, but with a couple of packrats like us, I think the constraints imposed by having only 310 square feet are going to lead us to a lot more freedom. Join us if you will!


13 thoughts on “Welcome to the First Day of the Rest of Your Life!

  1. Joey, I know it must have been so hard to down size. I don’t know if I could have done it so bravo darlin. I think you and Karen will embark on a new adventure and have lots of fun on the way.
    Keep us posted, drive safe and carry a big stick LOL!!!! Love ya, Diane

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    1. Diane – I think the downsizing was a lot like ripping off a band-aid, it hurt like crazy at points but once it was over, the pain seems to be nearly forgotten. Thank you for all your warm wishes! Love, Joey & Karen


  2. Joey, this is so exciting! I look forward to living vicariously through your posts. I want to know how the breeze is in other smoldering summer states, great little restaurants you find along the way hidden in middle America, and most of all how you keep your sanity in that small of a space. 😯 Good luck! Best wishes, and keep us up to date.
    ❤️Your cousin Holly

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  3. Still hard to believe you’re gone…
    I’m excited, however, to follow your journey and hear stories of the encounters and experiences you will chronicle. I’m sure you will no doubt find out things you never knew and have experiences that would be unavailable to you if you remained parked in a driveway, living the same life. I’m anxious to learn along with and vicariously live an alternate lifestyle. Definitely envious of your decision and opportunity, but 100% behind you.
    Please keep us up to date as you wind your way through this beautiful country we call home. And keep us in your heart, knowing you will always have a place to come back to. Loving and laughing along with you…

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    1. Deb – “alternative lifestyle” – love it! 🙂 We’ll miss the ability to just walk down the street (or up the driveway) to see you, but we’ll look forward to some good facetime chats! Love, J&K


  4. Best of luck to both of you today and going forward. I’m hoping to see you all on the road sometime. I’m moving to Seattle myself soon, so maybe that will make the possibility of crossing paths more likely. I hope so. Enjoy the first part and allow me to hear about your progress. Take care.

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